Who to Watch: San Jose State v. Bowling Green (Military Bowl)

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Military Bowl

Thursday, December 27, 3:00pm EST


I’ve studied more than 300 college quarterback seasons, and I can’t believe what I’ve just found.

San Jose State

David Fales, #10 , Junior, QB

Confession:  Until two weeks ago I had never heard of David Fales, but there I was staring at my computer screen in amazement.  Of the more than 300 collegiate quarterback seasons I’ve studied from the past 20 years, only 19 players have posted a higher score in my system.  And of those 19 players, 18 of them were drafted in the first three rounds.  How could such an excellent player be so far off our radar?

Remember when Kellen Moore was setting the world on fire on the blue turf and everybody said “yea, he’s a nice quarterback but he doesn’t have an NFL body”.  What if I told you that David Fales IS Kellen Moore, with the prototypical NFL body.

Let’s do a blind test with a well-known NFL quarterback from a non-BCS school.

% of relevant games with 3+ TD passes

  • Fales– 67%  (4/6)
  • Player X–  43%  (3/7)

Pass attempts in relevant games:

  • Fales– 36.8
  • Player X–  34.7

Completion percentage in relevant games:

  • Fales– 73.3%
  • Player X–  69.1%

Yards per completion

  • Fales– 11.68
  • Player X–  13.5

TD %

  • Fales– 6.33%
  • Player X– 6.17%


  • Fales– 2.26%
  • Player X–  2.06%

System Grade

  • Fales– 110.6
  • Player X– 111.1

So just who is this myster Player X?  Former first round pick and two-time Super Bowl winning quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger of Miami University (OH).

So maybe I’m crazy.  Maybe my system is broken.  Maybe this will all blow up in my face…

But, then again, maybe I’m onto something.  Watch the first 60 seconds of this video and tell me that you don’t see the potential.