Who to watch: Mississippi State v. Northwestern (Gator Bowl)

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Gator Bowl

Tuesday, January 1, 12:00pm EST


Why are you hating on Chad Bumphis?

Mississippi State

Chad Bumphis, #1, Senior, WR

You’re probably either drinking or hungover when you’re reading this, so I’ll keep it brief.  When you wake up tomorrow, turn on ESPN2.  Look for the guy with the M on his helmet wearing the #1 jersey.  His name is Chad Bumphis and he has major skills.  Not only is he a human joystick (see video below) but he is ultra productive.  He catches touchdowns at the same rate as Tavon Austin and Terrance Williams (1TD per game) and he makes explosive plays at 16+ yards/catch.  When I crunch his numbers, he grades neck-and-neck with Conner Vernon for draftability.  Expect the Bulldogs to send of Bumphis with a big game before he enters the draft as an under the radar prospect.