The College Football Market Share Report – Week 6 Recap

Welcome to the College Football Market Share Report, where each week I’ll be running through the players who are shouldering an exceptional percentage of their team’s offense.

By tracking these stats on a weekly basis in season, my hope is that we can more easily identify exceptional talents before everyone else does.

Note that the commentary below will highlight the most recent week’s top performers as well as seasonal leaders. Also, since this is somewhat of an experimental article, I’m going to ask for your feedback on how this should evolve moving forward, so feel free to leave a comment.

Be warned that this article is dense with numbers. I’d recommend skimming through the names and then checking out the blurbs at the bottom of each section. To be included, a player must have played at least three games.

**Finally, if you are introduced to any new players through this article, and you end up writing about them, please link back to this work. Thanks!**

Quarterbacks of the week

Brad Kaaya, Miami (FL), 91.5%

  • 29 – 42, 405 pass yards, 3 TD @ Florida State

Dalton Sturm, UTSA, 87%

  • 18 – 27, 227 pass yards, 4 TD, 2 INT, 34 rush yards vs Louisiana Tech

Eric Dungey, Syracuse, 86.2%

  • 21 – 34, 232 pass yards, 2 TD, 1 INT, 31 rush yards, 1 rush TD @ USF

Justin Holman, UCF, 85.4%

  • 27 – 50, 255 pass yards, 1 TD, 3 INT, 14 rush yards vs UConn

John Wolford, Wake Forest, 83.1%

  • 11 – 25, 109 pass yards, 1 INT, 9 rush yards @ Boston College

Joshua Dobbs, Tennessee, 82.9%

  • 25 – 42, 312 pass yards, 3 TD, 1 INT, 118 rush yards, 2 rush TD vs Georgia

Brandon Allen, Arkansas, 82.7%

  • 15 – 32, 176 pass yards, 2 TD, 1 INT, 6 rush yards @ Alabama

Jeff Driskel, Louisiana Tech, 82.2%

  • 28 – 44, 351 pass yards, 1 TD, 2 INT, 14 rush yards @ UTSA

Wes Lunt, Illinois, 81.8%

  • 25 – 42, 317 pass yards, 1 TD @ Iowa

Riley Neal, Ball State, 81.7%

  • 31 – 53, 393 pass yards, 4 TD, 1 INT, 18 rush yards @ Northern Illinois

Playing most of the game from behind, Brad Kaaya had a brilliant game on the road against the Seminoles. Only a sophomore, he’s putting together a pretty solid career and could emerge as one of the most coveted 2017-eligible passers. If and when the hype gets going next summer, it will probably be this game that people talk about… Junior QB Joshua Dobbs was marvelous against Georgia. With one of the deepest receiving corps. in America, and talent throughout the roster, more games like this from Dobbs would go a long way toward putting the Vols back on the map.

Seasonal QB Leaders

Luke Falk, Washington State, 79.6%

  • 6’4, 205lbs, Sophomore

Garrett Smith, Louisiana-Monroe, 77.1%

  • 6’0, 211lbs, Freshman

Cooper Rush, Central Michigan, 75%

  • 6’3, 227lbs, Junior

Brandon Doughty, Western Kentucky, 74.9%

  • 6’3, 220lbs, Senior

Nick Arbuckle, Georgia State, 74.2%

  • 6’1, 215lbs, Senior

Matt Linehan, Idaho, 73.9%

  • 6’3, 214lbs, Sophomore

Matt Johnson, Bowling Green, 73.3%

  • 6’0, 219lbs, Senior

Bryant Shirreffs, Connecticut, 73.2%

  • 6’2, 220lbs, Sophomore

Matt Davis, SMU, 73%

  • 6’0, 212lbs, Junior

Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma, 73%

  • 6’1, 209lbs, Junior

Okay, so maybe I jinxed the Baker Mayfield for Heisman campaign in last week’s article, but it’s not like he played horribly in the loss against the Longhorns; his offensive line got annihilated… Brandon Doughty has now thrown 15 touchdowns in his last three games compared to only one interception. As a sixth-year senior I’m a little skeptical of his prospect status because of his age (think: Brandon Weeden to a lesser extent), but I should probably just relax and learn to love him as a fun & prolific college player… Luke Falk was brilliant in Wazzu’s upset road win against Oregon and, frankly, he’s been brilliant all year. His worst performance saw him complete “only 65.9%” of his passes. Still just a sophomore, don’t be surprised if he goes Graham Harrell over the next 15 months and finishes in the top 10 in the Heisman voting.

Running Backs of the week

Devontae Booker, Utah, 61.4%

  • 34 carries, 222 yards, 2 TD, 45 rec yards vs Cal

Jordan Canzeri, Iowa, 56.7%

  • 43 carries, 256 yards, 1 TD, 15 rec yards, 1 rec TD vs Illinois

Royce Freeman, Oregon, 54.8%

  • 27 carries, 246 yards, 2 TD, 46 rec yards, 1 rec TD vs Washington State

Dalvin Cook, Florida State, 49.9%

  • 22 carries, 222 yards, 2 TD, 47 rec yards, 1 rec TD vs Miami FL

Mike Warren, Iowa State, 49.5%

  • 23 carries, 245 yards @ Texas Tech

Donnel Pumphrey, San Diego State, 49%

  • 30 carries, 148 yards, 3 TD, 49 rec yards @ Hawaii

Myles Gaskin, Washington, 45.2%

  • 22 carries, 134 yards, 1 TD, 1 rec yard @ USC

Brian Hill, Wyoming, 43.6%

  • 24 carries, 128 yards, 6 rec. yards @ Air Force

Shannon Brooks, Minnesota, 43.1%

  • 17 carries, 176 yards, 1 TD @ Purdue

C.J. Prosise, Notre Dame, 40.3%

  • 21 carries, 129 yards, 3 TD, 56 rec. yards vs Navy

Speaking of Heisman, has anyone been more valuable to their team this year than Devontae Booker? In a huge national-spotlight game, Booker carried his team to a victory over Cal and has been a workhorse all year. In addition to his rushing prowess he has also accounted for 21% of Utah’s receiving yards for the year. To put that in perspective, buzzy prospect Laquon Treadwell has accounted for 25% of Ole Miss’ receiving yards… Overall there were so many good rushing performances this week. Hat tip to up-and-comer Mike Warren… C.J. Prosise has become a monster for Notre Dame… Royce Freeman almost single-handedly got Oregon past Wazzu.

Seasonal RB Leaders

Ray Lawry, Old Dominion, 48.5%

  • 5’10, 201lbs, Sophomore

Leonard Fournette, LSU, 45.4%

  • 6’1, 230lbs, Sophomore

Devontae Booker, Utah, 44%

  • 5’11, 212lbs, Senior

Tyler Ervin, San Jose State, 41.5%

  • 5’10, 177lbs, Senior

Jahad Thomas, Temple, 41%

  • 5’10, 180lbs, Junior

Dalvin Cook, Florida State, 39.9%

  • 5’11, 202lbs, Sophomore

Donnel Pumphrey, San Diego State, 38.8%

  • 5’9, 180lbs, Junior

Brian Hill, Wyoming, 36.9%

  • 6’1, 211lbs, Sophomore

Larry Rose III, New Mexico State, 35.7%

  • 5’11, 184lbs, Sophomore

Jordan Canzeri, Iowa, 35.5%

  • 5’9, 192lbs, Senior

If we want to talk about the Heisman as a “most valuable player” type award (sorry, I’m not sure why I keep talking about the Heisman), why shouldn’t Dalvin Cook or Jordan Canzeri get more buzz? To different degrees, the market was bearish on both these teams coming into 2015 and they’ve been the driving forces for getting their teams to their current undefeated perches… To this point in the season, Leonard Fournette and Ezekiel Elliott are the only players in the country who have rushed for 100+ yards in all of their teams’ games. Nick Chubb was on track for that too until his injury against Tennessee. For what it’s worth, Ezekiel Elliott barely missed the top 10 in this metric, as he has accounted for 33.2% of Ohio State’s yards this season.

Wide Receivers of the week

Jerico Richardson, Nevada, 72.9%

  • 9 receptions, 121 yards, 1 TD vs New Mexico

Cole Freytag, UTEP, 69.2%

  • 2 rec., 81 yards, 1 TD @ FIU

Leonte Carroo, Rutgers, 64.4%

  • 7 rec., 134 yards, 3 TD vs Michigan State

Marcus Johnson, Texas, 63.6%

  • 4 rec., 35 yards, 1 TD vs Oklahoma

Cortez Lewis, Wake Forest, 59.6%

  • 5 rec., 65 yards @ Boston College

Jerminic Smith, Iowa, 59%

  • 4 rec., 118 yards vs Illinois

Charlie Callinan, Boston College, 56.8%

  • 2 rec., 42 yards vs Wake Forest

Tim White, Arizona State, 55.4%

  • 7 rec., 144 yards, 2 TD, 82 return yards vs Colorado

Calvin Ridley, Alabama, 53.4%

  • 9 rec., 140 yards, 1 TD vs Arkansas

JuJu Smith-Schuster, USC, 52.6%

  • 6 rec., 82 yards vs Washington

I gave Leonte Carroo a shoutout on the new RotoViz College Football Show for his performance against Michigan State. In a vacuum, his 7-134-3 stat line is impressive, but it becomes even more so when you consider that he was suspended from the team for the last three weeks and practiced twice before going bonkers against one of the nation’s best teams and defenses… There’s Calvin Ridley again, having a second huge game in a row for Alabama. The true freshman is playing a huge role for them. One thing to note, though, is that it looks like he’s a 21 year old true freshman. Not sure how that works, but definitely creates some confusion for his prospect status… ASU receiver Tim White has been pretty average for the Sun Devils overall, but this last week’s performance might make that ASU-Colorado game worth checking out just to see him… Hi, JuJu 😉

Service Academy footnotes: Garrett Brown (Air Force, 73.8%), Jamir Tillman (Navy, 72.7%)

Seasonal WR Leaders

Carlos Harris, North Texas, 50.6%

  • 5’8, 185lbs, Senior

BJ Johnson, Georgia Southern, 50.4%

  • 6’1, 212lbs, Junior

Dameon Gamblin, New Mexico, 49.5%

  • 5’10, 174lbs, Junior

Dezmon Epps, Idaho, 48.8%

  • 5’10, 175lbs, Senior

Leonte Carroo, Rutgers, 47.7%

  • 6’1, 215lbs, Senior

Daniel Braverman, Western Michigan, 46.5%

  • 5’10, 177lbs, Junior

Tyler Boyd, Pittsburgh, 44.4%

  • 6’2, 200lbs, Junior

Tanner Gentry, Wyoming, 44.1%

  • 6’2, 201lbs, Junior

Jordan Villamin, Oregon State, 43%

  • 6’5, 231lbs, Sophomore

Ajalen Holley, Louisiana-Monroe, 42%

  • 5’10, 193lbs, Junior

I don’t know too much about Carlos Harris, but maybe it’s time to watch him play. The senior has been pretty solid throughout his career and also has some rushing and special teams production to boost his profile. He could be a sneaky-good small-conference prospect that plays a role on the NFL level, like Albert Wilson or Willie Snead… The most premium prospects on this leaderboard are Carroo, Boyd and Villamin… if you’re wondering about BJ Johnson, who has some decent size, know that his high market share is a function of him playing in an option offense, so there are very limited receiving opportunities (think: Demaryius Thomas at Georgia Tech).

Service Academy footnotes: Jamir Tillman (Navy, 66.5%), Garrett Brown (Air Force, 56.6%)

Tight Ends of the week

Jerome Lane, Akron, 46.8%

  • 4 receptions, 104 yards, 2 TD @ Eastern Michigan

David Morgan II, UTSA, 37.4%

  • 9 rec., 85 yards, 2 TD vs Louisiana Tech

Joshua Perkins, Washington, 34.8%

  • 4 rec., 57 yards, 1 TD @ USC

Marcus Smith, North Texas, 32%

  • 3 rec., 39 yards vs Portland State

Stephen Anderson, California, 29.1%

  • 6 rec., 99 yards @ Utah

Kivon Cartwright, Colorado State, 28.5%

  • 2 rec., 43 yards vs Boise State

Scott Orndoff, Pittsburgh, 28.4%

  • 2 rec., 63 yards, 1 TD vs Virginia

Brandon Lingen, Minnesota, 26.8%

  • 3 rec., 22 yards, 2 TD @ Purdue

A.J. Williams, Michigan, 26.8%

  • 4 rec., 48 yards vs Northwestern

Connor Cella, Rice, 26.8%

  • 3 rec,. 76 yards, 1 TD @ Florida Atlantic

I’m totally going to cheat here and say that Jerome Lane Jr. is a tight end, when really he’s not. He’s something different and probably more exciting. The 6’3 220lb sophomore appeared in 12 games last year for Akron as a linebacker. This year, as a wide receiver conversion, he is leading the team in receiving yards and making boss plays like the one below. The reason he’s here and not in the WR section is because he appears in my data set as an LB, so he only revealed himself when I removed the WRs to look at the TEs. As a 19 year old sophomore, there’s some serious age-production upside here to monitor over the next few years. Oh, and I should probably mention his genetic upside, too: his dad, Jerome Lane was a first round pick in the 1988 NBA Draft. You may remember him for his famous “send it in, Jerome!” glass-shattering dunk at Pitt. Here is one of Lane’s two touchdown receptions from last weekend.  (I tried to get the embed to work, but it’s not, so just click the link.) 

Service Academy footnotes: Kelvin White (Army, 67.3%)

Seasonal TE Leaders

Gerald Everett, South Alabama, 29.5%

  • 6’4, 225lbs, Junior

Jaylen Samuels, NC State, 28%

  • 5’11, 236lbs, Sophomore

David Morgan II, UTSA, 27.7%

  • 6’4, 260lbs, Senior

Jake Butt, Michigan, 24.1%

  • 6’6, 248lbs, Junior

Scott Orndoff, Pittsburgh, 24.1%

  • 6’5, 265lbs, Junior

Matt Weiser, Buffalo, 21.3%

  • 6’5, 255lbs, Senior

Elkanah Dillon, USF, 21.1%

  • 6’5, 245lbs, Freshman

Chris Loving, North Texas, 20.9%

  • 6’4, 258lbs, Senior

Ben McCord, Central Michigan, 20.6%

  • 6’4, 240lbs, Senior

Connor Cella, Rice, 20.1%

  • 6’3, 260lbs, Junior

I had a thought about Jaylen Samuels this week; he’s too small to be a tight end in the NFL, but maybe he can be a highly effective 3rd down back. In addition to his receiving prowess, he’s also carried the ball 34 times in his two-year career to the tune of 8.2 ypc… In addition to his huge game this week, David Morgan II continues to be among the seasonal leaders. Like Carlos Harris, I think it’s time to find some game highlights on this small-school prospect to see what’s really going on here.

Special Teams Studs of the week

Brandon Smith, Texas State, WR, 158 return yards, 1 TD @ Louisiana-Lafayette

Reggie Davis, Georgia, WR, 143 ret. yards, 1 ret. TD, 101 rec. yards, 1 rec. TD @ Tennessee

Jeremiah Bryson, Middle Tennessee, RB, 124 ret. yards, 79 yards from scrimmage @ Western Kentucky

KaVontae Turpin, TCU, WR, 122 ret. yards, 57 rec. yards @ Kansas State

Jovon Durante, West Virginia, WR, 122 ret. yards, 21 rec. yards vs OK State

Jeffrey Wilson, North Texas, RB, 119 ret. yards, 49 rush yards vs Portland State

Raekwon James, Kent State, RB, 114 ret. yards, 81 yards from scrimmage @ Toledo

Aregeros Turner, Northern Illinois, WR, 114 ret. yards, 70 rec. yards vs Ball State

Brett Winnegan, UTSA, RB, 109 ret. yards vs Louisiana Tech

Quay Johnson, East Carolina, WR, 109 ret. yards @ BYU

Pereese Joas, Hawaii, RB, 109 ret. yards vs San Diego State

Reggie Davis is the on name that stands out here. He had a marvelous multi-faceted game against Tennessee, but dropped what would have been the game winning touchdown on a gorgeous pass from Greyson Lambert late in the fourth quarter.

Service Academy footnotes: Dishan Romine (Navy, 136 yards)

Seasonal Special Teams Leaders

Janarion Grant, Rutgers, WR, 104.4 return yards/game

  • 5’11, 170lbs, Junior

Brisly Estime, Syracuse, WR, 100.0

  • 5’9, 178lbs, Junior

Byron Marshall, Oregon, WR, 96.3

  • 5’10, 205lbs, Senior

Brandon Smith, Texas State, WR, 93.2

  • 6’2, 170lbs, Senior

Quay Johnson, East Carolina, WR, 83.8

  • 5’10, 177lbs, Sophomore

Christian Kirk, Texas A&M, WR, 83.4

  • 5’11, 200lbs, Freshman

J.D. McKissic, Arkansas State, WR, 81.2

  • 5’11, 193lbs, Senior

Devin Fuller, UCLA, WR, 78.8

  • 6’0, 200lbs, Senior

Aregeros Turner, Northern Illinois, WR 78.3

  • 5’11, 178lbs, Junior

Brett Winnegan, UTSA, RB, 77.3

  • 5’9, 185lbs, Freshman

I’ve heaped praise on Byron Marshall, Christian Kirk and J.D. McKissic in the past, so anything more would be redundant at this point. Kirk and Texas A&M play a big game this weekend and I’m excited to watch.


  1. I’m thinking about doing a “mid season all-conference teams” write up next week for each of the power 5. Is that something you’d want to read? I feel like there are some really good performances that are getting overlooked because there are 120+ teams and only ten players on these leaderboards.
  2. What else could I provide here to make this article more helpful for you?
  3. Would you like access to the data set that helped generate this article? If so, you could email me at THECFX at GMAIL dot COM, or I could just set up a link with a free download. Let me know.

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